Saturday, February 04, 2006

A Pathetic Pack of Pusbags

Sgt. Matthew Hunter, 31, of Valley Grove, WV, was killed by an IED last month in Iraq. Unfortunately, the inbred Christopathic clusterfuck known as the Westboro Baptist Church decided to put in an appearance.

Here's their press release:

This part of the country, for whatever its faults, can boast some folks whose sense of right and wrong is mighty keen. About a hundred such folks gathered at the West Alexander, PA, Presbyterian Church under threatening skies to confront evil with grace and dignity.

Evil? Isn't that a little much? You tell me:

The half-dozen anti-troops protesters were met by 15 times as many counter-protesters, brought together in large part in response to the efforts of a group including daily Kossack mph2005, whose diaries here and here document the lead-up and the event.

The hundred or so counter-demonstrators formed a barrier between the Westboro wackos and the church in which Sgt. Hunter's funeral was to be held. With dozens of American flags waving in the chill morning wind, they confronted the crazies in the most effective manner imaginable; they turned their backs and ignored them:

A line of Pennsylvania State Troopers and Donegal Township police separated the two groups. The counter protesters included liberals, conservatives, bikers, veterans groups and uniformed, off-duty police officers from outside the jurisdiction. Occasionally, the group would spontaneously break into song, singing "God Bless America" and "Amazing Grace." At one point, the vastly outnumbered Westboro contingent appeared ready to perform one of their favorite bits of street theatre; they put away their lurid signs ("Your pastor is a whore!" "God hates America!") and took out several large American flags. They seem to enjoy wiping their feet on the flag as they mock the mourners. As they distributed the flags among themselves, the apparent leader of the group took a look around at the bikers and the vets and the cops, gathered the up the flags, packed up their shit, and split. They left in a two car convoy of hate, bracketed front and rear by a Pennsylvania State Police escort. The funeral and burial went forward in dignity, without further outrage

Kudos to mph2005 and all who participated.

There's a lot to be said about how religion is twisted and distorted toward evil ends, and there's a lot to be said about how we, as a culture, deal with death. Some other time.....


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