Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mother of God! Is this the end of Chimpy?

"Mother of God! Is this the end of Rico?"

In this final line from the 1930 film noir classic "Little Caesar", gangster Rico Bandello saw his criminal empire, and his very life, crumble to dust. It's a cautionary tale, as foreshadowed by the opening title card: "..for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword. Matthew: 26-52"

Rico had riches, power, fame, armed gangs to do his bidding, a coterie of loyal lackeys eager to curry the boss' favor.....does this sound like a certain beady-eyed dry-drunk fucktard of a 21st Century American president?

Of course it does. And like Rico Bandello, our own Sunny Jim stands like a Colossus astride his empire, his feet firmly anchored on the twin pediments of Hubris and Arrogance.

I've known some arrogant, cynical dudes in my day. There was a certain record company VP who could put out his cigar on your eyeball, and then tell you that you look really great with an eyepatch. "Gawdamn, you're sexy like a pirate, son." And your remaining eye would well up with tears of gratitude, so important was the great man's approval.

This sort of sick relationship, frequently and aptly compared to the bond between an abuser and his victim, has typified the relationship between George W. Bush and the Republican Party. Gross incompetence, massive corruption, high crimes and misdemeanors thick on the ground, none of these can take the sparkle from King Chimpy's crown. In the eyes of his admirers, he is a brilliant man who can do no wrong. In short, he's gotten away with so much, for so long, he now thinks he can get away with anything, forever. But as my grandpap used to say, "There is some shit that just won't flush."

In Chimpy's case, the giant floating turd in the punchbowl is his scheme to contract management of major US ports to a company owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates. Under Chimpy's plan, Dubai Ports World would operate seaports in New York and New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Baltimore, Maryland; Miami, Florida; and New Orleans, Louisiana.

The overwhelming stench rising from this hideous decision has caused retching and gagging even among those whose noses are most firmly planted in the Presidential rectum. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) and House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) are among numerous Republicans who have pulled their heads from the Royal Bunghole with a wet, audible *POP*.

No matter to Tipsy McStagger. He's threatened to veto (his first) any legislative effort to cancel the deal. The UAE were a shipping point for illicit nuclear materials to the Middle East. No problem. The UAE was one of only three countries to recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan. So what?

Here we see the Resident in his true colors; those of a petulant, spoiled child. And here we see an opportunity to break through the cocoon that has enveloped his supporters for lo, these many years.

Every Democratic legislator and candidate must say these words: "The President is making a terrible mistake." Further, they must publicly and vocally challenge their Republican opponents to say the exact same words, on camera and for the record. One of two things will happen. The Thug may agree that, yes, the President is making a terrible mistake. That's fine. The sheeple need to hear that from their trusted Republican representatives. On the other hand, the Gooper may refuse to criticize the Preznit. That's fine, too. Go ahead, let them align themselves with the biggest public relations and homeland security blunder since.....well, since 9/11 itself.

A little bit of party discipline, that's all it takes. If the Dems can avoid pissing their pants with fear of alienating a weak and stupid Republican president, this issue can mean taking the House in November. Now I'm waiting for someone to convince me that our national Democratic leadership won't go all Lieberman on us.


  • While I am a republcian and am afraid of how the likes of John Edwards, Barack Obama, and most of all Hillary Clinton would ruin this country, I PARTIALLY agree with you on Dubya..

    I am beginning to think we are in the middle of the Blinton Dynasty. In htis Dynasty George H.W. Bush, impregnated the beast, then Bubba fed the beast, then Dubya has further fed the beast, and God Forbid Hillary gets elected, the best will be born. The beast is known by two different names: MexAmeriCanada and the North American Union. If this beast were to born I pray forthe sounding of the final trumpet to come in a hurry and for Jesus to take His people home...

    By Blogger Brent Jacobson, at 12:33 AM  

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