Sunday, April 30, 2006

WWJD? He'd kick Chimpy in the balls, that's WJWD.

The gentleman on the left is Denzel Washington. The woman on the right is an American soldier and an Iraq War veteran. Not pictured is Jesus Christ (a/k/a The Prince of Peace), in whose name the Bush Administration makes its decisions, including the decision to send this young woman to Iraq.

Now, if you are of the Christian persuasion, you may well respond, "Jesus had nothing to do with this!" And that's fine, as long as your particular Christian sect has been vocal and outspoken in its condemnation of your fellow Christians who have so heartily endorsed our Resident and his filthy little war. Alas, such sects seem to be a little thin on the ground.

I suspect the problem is that professing ones love of the bleeding Jesus is the only requirement for acceptance within the communion of Christ. You don't have to really mean it or anything. It's not like a Christian would actually call out any other Christian as a fraud, a hypocrite, a Pharisee, a wolf in sheeps clothing, etc.

Here's what I expect to see from Christians; I expect real followers of Christ to stand up and say, "The president's course of action is an abomination in the eyes of Christ, and support for that course of action is a sacrilege." In other words, I'm talking a full-on schism.

See, if I understand it correctly, Jesus was all about love and peace. But many of the major Christian denominations see nothing wrong with what the United States is doing in Iraq (and threatening to do in Iran). Where are the Catholics, for example? The sanctity of life was deemed to be a fit subject to be preached from every Catholic pulpit the week before the 2004 Presidential election, but only in the context of abortion. Now, here's my problem:

The largest single Christian denomination in this country has no official position on the war! And it's extremely likely that your denomination is equally gutless. If you guys really believe all that stuff, how can there be any argument? How is it that the Christian majority in this country is afraid to even debate, much less express an opinion on the morality of elective war?

If you are a Christian, and you take your faith seriously, it's up to you to point this stuff out. And if you're an honest Christian, you'll recognize that the institution of Christianity is a long damn way from holding the moral high ground on this issue.

Yeah, I know. The Muslims are evil, they started it, yada yada yada. Explain to me where that gives you a free pass from observing the primary tenet of your faith: "Love one another."

I'd love to hear it, but I don't expect to.


  • What's even more wonderful about this is that Jesus called people on this shit. For instance, the money lenders using the temple as an enterprise zone. The example is plenty clear, even for these blockheads.

    When you have TV preachers calling for assasinations, well - let's just say even Jesus would be tired from all the kicks to the balls he'd have to administer.

    By Blogger Kevin Wolf, at 2:28 PM  

  • Fuck it- see, I got it all figured out. I'm going to eat live puppies and rape 12-year-old girls and shoot old ladies and generally fuck around. Then I'm going to take Jeekers as my personal Lard and Savoir Faire and shoot m'self to make sure I don't die suddenly without a Conversion and end up in Th' Fiery Furnace.

    An' off to th' Glory Lan'with Th' 'Foot!!

    By Blogger Bobby Lightfoot, at 11:35 AM  

  • Sorry, make that starting,
    "Here's what I expect..."

    By Blogger oscar wilde, at 8:22 AM  

  • There is nothing in Christianity that makes it right to kill others, call for assassinations, force others to believe as you do, or wage war. Speaking as a former Jesus-freak (I was a lonely teen-ager, what can I say?), I've done a fair amount of Bible study. And one of the things that kept coming to mind, over and over, as I studied, was the disconnect between what Christians actually said and supported and what Jesus taught. Thus, at the tender age of 18, while taking my first college course in anthropology, I left Christianity behind with not a little disgust.
    We have religion to thank for just about all the horror that takes place in the world -- it serves as an excuse for murdering, looting, raping and pillaging those who are weaker than ourselves. Always has, always will. And until we grow up as a species and stop believing in Santa Claus, we'll continue to be this way.
    Call me idealistic, but like Rodney King, I have never quite understood why we can't all just get along. You'd think the Christians among us would be particularly mindful of this, considering the Golden Rule.

    By Blogger Blue Wren, at 12:54 PM  

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