Sunday, May 14, 2006


We had a big ol' cherry tree fall on our fence during a storm the other night, so I've got to clear away said tree and rassle a couple of 12 foot replacement fence rails into position. Also, we're in the middle of finishing our basement, so I've got new walls and ceilings to be painted, and tile to be laid, and molding to cut and install, and it's a crappy, cold, gray kinda day, so, naturally, I dove into a remodel of the blog. The spiffy new header was created by the charming and delightful Ms. Roxtar, whose PhotoShop skilzz are mad, indeed. (The name "Black Sky Theory" is explained, somewhat, in my maiden post, here.)

I also learned a lot about html, and just let me just say that trial and error is way overrated as a pedagogical method. I did, however, come up with some new 10- to 12- letter cuss words, so all-in-all it worked out for the best, knowledge-wise.

While I've got the tools out, I thought I'd tune up the blogroll, too. Many a trial lawyer (myself included) believes that knowing to which magazines a potential juror subscribes is a great way to determine whether you want them on your jury. A blogroll is similarly revealing. Mine consists of those blogs that I keep coming back to, whether for the content, or the attitude, or (usually) both. Your mileage, as always, may vary.


  • Great redesign, Roxtar, and a great job done by your wife on the header. Kudos to both of you! And, since I'm a relative newbie to your blog, I appreciate the explanation of the name. It's spot on. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us.
    I'm JUST starting to learn HTML myself -- my loobrary reading is "HTML for Dummies." It's appropriate -- my eyes began to cross after two paragraphs.
    "Sisu!" I say -- the only word I know in Finnish. Loosely translated: "Persevere!"

    By Blogger Blue Wren, at 9:55 PM  

  • I want to see a list of those cuss words.

    By Blogger Kevin Wolf, at 2:33 PM  

  • Give us the gebeejusfuckingratsassticle cuss words!

    By Blogger helmut, at 5:12 PM  

  • Here are some lovely Finnish swear words for you from the land of my birth:

    Perkelle- the male unit
    vihtu- the female unit
    Sahtana- Satan (quite a powerful oath in my hometown of Helskinki)

    By Blogger Bobby Lightfoot, at 7:54 PM  

  • Bobby!
    I KNEW I had a long-lost brother! Or something. Are you short and round, too?
    Finnish cuss words noted for future use.

    By Blogger Blue Wren, at 9:38 PM  

  • Gaaarrrr, perkelle 12 foot replacement fence rails into position, vihtu Sahtana!

    By Blogger helmut, at 2:42 AM  

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