Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Now that's some zippy writing

From WhoisIOZ?

Now here we are with a supreme leader who's as likely to toss a guy in the gulag for making bad chili at the cook-off as for being a terrorist, a fellow who can't even manage the basic presidential task of mouthing a series of ecclesiastical non sequiturs in the midst of habitually jingoistic exhortations to national destiny without getting tangled up in every word of more than a single syllable, without pausing to display the self-congratulatory smile of a toddler who's got the round peg in the round hole for the very first time each time he speaks without stuttering some line that his speechwriting sycophants assured him ahead-of-time would bring applause. He's worse than a simpleton. They ought to teach him basic sign language and give him a fucking kitten, then write a children's book about it to give to some future president for studious consideration on the eve of the next grave attack on American soil.

Go enjoy. Thanks to Neddie for the pointer.


  • Thanks for the link, which I happened to see here first rather than at Neddie's.

    Right into my blogroll it went.

    By Blogger Kevin Wolf, at 10:52 AM  

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